Jun 19 2019

New logo for Tontan Travel

Tontan Travel logo

Even though the story behind our old logo is nice, we thought it was about time we updated to a new logo that would have more affinity with what we actually offer – that is wildlife tours! The story how our company name came to life can be found under the ‘Tontan Travel’-button in the …

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Riding elephants to extinction – the hidden truth

As a tour operator in Thailand it is inevitable to get requests for elephant riding. Perhaps our tour itineraries that include safari drives to look for elephants are adding to the confusion, but our tours are solely about watching wild animals. Trying to sit on one of these wild elephants would be suicide. For those …

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Which is the best national park of Thailand to visit?

Tiger pug mark

Where do I have the best chance to see elephants in the wild? Where to go for beautiful hikes in evergreen forest? Where to go to avoid the hords of tourists? We will answer these and more questions for you. This page is primarily meant for national park visitors, and therefore places are reviewed based …

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Jun 18 2015

Kui Buri national park, our new tour destination!

Finally, we got the time to add Thailand’s best place for wild elephant watching, Kui Buri national park, to our website. With 99% chance to see elephants and probably about 50% chance to see the world’s largest wild cattle, the Gaur, our wildlife safaris in Kui Buri national park are like no other. The …

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How to get to Pak Chong by public transport

Bus directions Bangkok - Pak Chong in Thai-script

!!! First of all, some important notes !!! Pak Chong is very different from most other tourist cities in Thailand. Only a handful of taxi drivers operate in town, and only in daytime/ early evening. If you arrive after 19:00 it becomes increasingly hard or even impossible to find a taxi!!! So plan accordingly. Schedules …

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