Jun 18 2015

Kui Buri national park, our new tour destination!

Finally, we got the time to add Thailand’s best place for wild elephant watching, Kui Buri national park, to our website. With 99% chance to see elephants and probably about 50% chance to see the world’s largest wild cattle, the Gaur, our wildlife safaris in Kui Buri national park are like no other. The main elephant & gaur watching area used to be farmland, but has been returned to nature after too much trouble with elephants raiding the pineapple plantations and other crops.

Elephant on the dirt road in Kui Buri

Large protective female elephant that came to tell us that we should back up. The elephants now own the roads in Kui Buri!

On our elephant watching tours in Kui Buri, we work together with local drivers and their assistants that live in the surrounding areas of the national park. This way these people make direct profit from the nature and the wildlife, making them more committed to the protection of the area and animals and more tolerant to the occassional human-animal conflicts of elephants raiding their crops.
Hopefully, this way the people and nature can live in harmony in the future.

It means your visit directly supports the local community and therefore helps in conservation of this wild place.

Herd of Gaur & Banteng in Kui Buri national park

A large herd of Gaur & 1 female Banteng in Kui Buri national park seen from one of the lookouts during our wildlife safari.

The area open for visitors is limited in size, and opening hours in this part of the park are from 14:00PM till 18:00PM. And hiking is not allowed in this area, so the tour purely consists of game drives and visiting lookouts where we wait for the animals to show up.

Herd of Elephants in Kui Buri national park

Herd of Elephants in Kui Buri national park

For a more close-to-nature experience, we recommend our tours in Kaeng Krachan national park where there are both hiking and driving possibilities, and deeper access into the taller species-rich primary forests. Combining these two parks is the ultimate way of experiencing Thai wildlife.
Kaeng Krachan is rich in biodiversity, but sightings of the large herbivores like elephants are not so common here. Getting the best from both worlds is to do a 3-day wildlife tour in Kaeng Krachan, and add the day trip to Kui Buri national park for elephant and possible Gaur or even Banteng watching.
Just contact us for the possibilities.
Hope to see you in Kui Buri!
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