Jun 19 2019

New logo for Tontan Travel

Even though the story behind our old logo is nice, we thought it was about time we updated to a new logo that would have more affinity with what we actually offer – that is wildlife tours!

The story how our company name came to life can be found under the ‘Tontan Travel’-button in the main menu on the webpage. And our previous logo contained the Tontan palm tree.
But without the background story, nobody would be able to understand this just by looking at it.

Tontan Travel logo

The new logo for Tontan Travel

So we figured it was finally time to do something about this.
Logically we had to pick an animal. An animal that would look good as a silhouette, but also an animal that is region specific.
An elephant would be nice, but elephants – even though it’s a different species here – do not set Thailand apart from e.g. African wildlife safaris. How about a Clouded Leopard?
Definitely an option, but at the same time we figured, using an animal that we have only seen 3 times in all the years we have been running these trips would not be the best choice.
Soon we figured the White-handed Gibbon would be the perfect animal to use. The characteristic look with its long arms brachiating through the trees, and being a typical Asian species that we encounter frequently, made it an easy decision.

Hopefully you like the new look!

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