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Wildlife Tours in Thailand

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Our tours in Khao Yai national park

Location of Khao Yai national park on the map of Thailand

Khao Yai national park is without a doubt the best park in Thailand for wildlife watching. Our tours in Khao Yai have varied itineraries with primary focus on wildlife, and include scenic highlights along the way. These trips are suitable for young and old. If you are traveling to Thailand, a trip to Khao Yai is a must!

Our video will give you a better idea about our tour activities and the wildlife in Khao Yai national park.

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Our tours in Kui Buri national park

Location of Kui Buri national park on the map of Thailand

Kui Buri national park is THE best park in Thailand to see wild elephants. Our tours in Kui Buri have a very high success rate with elephant sightings, and with luck you might see some other wildlife like e.g., Gaur, Oriental Pied Hornbills, and more.

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Our tours in Kaeng Krachan national park

Location of Kaeng Krachan national park on the map of Thailand

Kaeng Krachan national park is the largest national park in Thailand. Finding the wildlife can at times be a bit more of a challenge compared to e.g., Khao Yai national park. But for those who appreciate the smaller, feathered and scaly creatures just as much as the large animals, the tours in Kaeng Krachan will not disappoint. The park certainly has a wilder feel to it.

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Our tours in Huai Kha Khaeng wildlife sanctuary

Location of Huai Kha Khaeng wildlife sanctuary on the map of Thailand

Huai Kha Khaeng wildlife sanctuary makes for a great addition to the other parks we offer. Especially, for those who wish to see more of Thailand's wildlife. On the tours in Huai Kha Khaeng we spend a lot of time in wildlife observation towers, but we will also search for wildlife by car and a bit on foot.

The park is famous for protecting the largest wild tiger population in Thailand, though sightings of the big cats are next to impossible.

However, there are some amazing other creatures like e.g., the endangered Banteng, and the stunning Green Peafowl that are fairly commonly seen here and make it worth to visit this wildlife sanctuary.

The forest in the accessible part of the park is very different from the other parks. More open and dry deciduous forest. Probably not the image people have about the Thai jungles.

But that's exactly why this place is perfect to be combined with the other parks for a longer wildlife holiday. That way you will see more of the diversity of both wildlife and landscapes of Thailand.

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Our tours in Bangkok

Location of Bangkok on the map of Thailand

Bangkok, the world-renowned capital of Thailand with over 10 million people. And still, there is some unexpected wildlife calling this mega city home. On our tours in Bangkok you will discover the natural world that thrives where you'd least expect it. Join us on a natural city adventure.

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Our tours in Phuket

Location of Phuket on the map of Thailand

Phuket, the largest island of Thailand with millions of visitors every year. Even though continuously under pressure, there is still a fair bit of interesting natural habitat left. And it's even home to a couple endemic species found nowhere else. Join us on one of our tours on the island.

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Our tours around Thailand

Thailand has a lot to offer when it comes to nature. And to get the most out of it, visiting various regions throughout the country will significantly increase the chance to see a wide variety of wildlife. This page lists our tours around the country on which we visit multiple destinations. Generally, the trips listed here have a specific focus on a certain group of animals. For example, tours focused specifically on reptiles & amphibians.

We have not listed all possible tours around the country that we are able to arrange. We can organize tailor-made trips around Thailand with focus on all kinds of specific target species. If you do not see what you are after, feel free to contact us to find out what we can arrange for you.

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Welcome to Tontan Travel Wildlife Tours

Tontan Travel Wildlife Tours - destinations on the map of Thailand
All our wildlife tour destinations on the map of Thailand

Come on tour with us to explore the nature of Thailand and discover the amazing wildlife that lives in our forests.

Not only our experience in touring these forests keeps increasing. Also our excitement for Thailand's wildlife is only growing. And we can not wait to share that with you.

Wildlife watching in this region is certainly not as easy as on a safari in Africa, but therefore - in our opinion - the more exciting!

Would you like to experience it yourself? Click our tour destinations, above, or select a tour activity, below.

Hopefully we will meet you here someday.

Greetings from the jungle in Thailand,

Tontan Travel Wildlife Tours

Quick comparison table of our tour destinations

Learn about some of the differences between our tour destinations with our quick comparison table.

* Scroll horizontally to see all destinations.

 Khao YaiKaeng KrachanKui BuriHuai Kha KhaengBangkok
Chance to see wild elephants Reasonable
(30 - 40%)
Small chance
(15 - 20%)
Almost guaranteed
(90 - 95%)
Small chance
(15 - 20%)
In Bangkok?
Diversity of wildlife in the areaGreat varietyGreat varietyRelatively low diversityReasonable diversityReasonable diversity of small critters
Habitat qualityStunning evergreen forestBeautiful evergreen forestFarmland turned back to nature. Regenerating forest. Not impressiveDry forest, not too impressiveConcrete jungle
Walking possibilitiesQuite a few beautiful trailsJust a couple trailsNo walking possibilitiesOnly one nice trailVarious options
Walking gradeEasy to moderateEasy to moderateN/AEasyEasy
Night activitiesSpotlighting night driveNight walking on our herping toursNo night activitiesNight drive outside the parkNight walking, the main tour activity
Suitable for families with kidsThe best option!Quite suitableGreat optionNot really suitableSuitable, finishing time can be adapted.
Visitor numbersHighQuite highStarting to gain popularityLowIt's a city...
Human developmentQuite a bit, but trails still feel wildNot muchNot muchNot muchAgain, it's a city, ;)
RoadsAll high quality tarmacPart tarmac, part unpavedUnpaved roadUnpaved, gravel roadConcrete boardwalks and small roads.
Chances to see tigersNo chanceVirtually no chanceVirtually no chanceExtremely tiny chanceYeah, dream on!

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Pick your favorite tour activity, below, and find out where we offer it.

Our wildlife watching tours in Thailand

Thailand has a great biodiversity. And even though it is not so well known for it, Thailand is actually a great country for wildlife watchers. It might not be as easy as the savannahs in Africa, you actually have to put some effort in it, but in our opinion that makes Thailand more rewarding. And in the right national parks you have a good chance to see a fair bit of animals.

These wildlife watching tour packages have a more general focus on wildlife. We basically look at everything that moves, from mammals to insects, reptiles to birds, everything!

Wildlife watching tours in Thailand - Click here

Our herping tours in Thailand

Thailand has a great diversity of herpetofauna. Over 230 species of snakes, almost 200 species of amphibians, and more. Some of the most charismatic snake species in the world like the King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) and the Reticulated Python (Malayopython reticulatus) occur in Thailand. Herping in Thailand can be challenging, but very rewarding.

Some packages are solely focused on the nighttime, others include both daytime and nighttime herping. We primarily go out on foot to search for reptiles and amphibians, but sometimes we might search by car too.

We have experience in every corner of the country and can organize tailor-made herping trips well beyond the tour options we mention on this page. Tours of one or more weeks also belong to the possibilities.

Herping tours in Thailand - Click here

Our birding tours in Thailand

With well over a 1000 bird species, Thailand is an amazing destination for birders. With help of our expert birding guides you significantly increase your chances to see some of the feathered beauties.

It is also possible to focus these tours on bird photography, taking more time to get the perfect shot.

Birding tours in Thailand - Click here

Our photo tours in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country with stunning nature and a great diversity of wildlife. Photographing especially the wildlife is challenging. But our tour guides are experts at finding the animals for you.

We need to add that our guides will help you finding the subjects, but are not photography experts that can give you photo technical advice. All our private tours are flexible enough to give you all the time to get that perfect shot!

Photo tours in Thailand - Click here

Our tours in Thailand suitable for kids

Introducing your children to the wild, especially the biodiverse jungles like in Thailand, is extremely valuable. The excitement of walking in the dense jungle amongst huge fairytale-like, strangler fig trees, hearing all the jungle sounds, seeing gibbons swinging around like acrobats, massive colourful hornbills flying over your head sounding like a steam engine, and stepping their feet in the huge footprints of an elephant, or standing next to a big pile of elephant dung, is something that all kids should experience at least once in their life. They will have good memories about that for many years after.

All the tours listed on this page are suitable for families with children. These are generally private tours, so it will be just your family, which allows our guides to adapt the itinerary fully to the abilities of the kids. To be honest, anyway most tours are typically not physically challenging in a way that the average child would not be able to follow along. Not rarely we see the parents struggling more than their kids, haha. But of course if they are very young, cutting a hike a bit shorter might be a wise option, unless you have a backpack to carry your kids. Also, starting the day a bit later, or finishing a bit earlier is no problem if you think the days are too long.

We would specifically recommend Khao Yai national park for families with children, due to the wide variety of tour activities ranging from the usual jungle hikes and game drives, to options like night safari drives, bat caves, and waterfalls. Not all parks have such a wide range of options. Besides that, Khao Yai national park has from our extensive experience always been the most consistent in wildlife sightings.

We have had kids on our tours of all ages. Sometimes even babies of just a couple months old. It is all possible.

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