Cinnamon Tree Frog (Nyctixalus pictus)

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Crazy 4 hours in Kaeng Krachan

Malayan Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus) road cruising in Kaeng Krachan

11 APR 2015, Kaeng Krachan national park
Luck is an important factor in wildlife watching. Some species are so elusive that a chance of an encounter is virtually zero. But how could it happen that we saw two such species in just 4 hours? Did our luck just exceed the million-dollar-lottery-winning luck? Maybe we should play more lotteries...

Leopard sighting in Kaeng Krachan

The Leopard’s hungry look at the alarm-calling langurs in the tree tops

12 MAR 2015, Kaeng Krachan national park
... While all our eyes were aimed at the tree with langurs, I tried to find a better gap through the leaves that were somewhat obstructing the view. Hoping for a decent picture. I walked around our car that was parked in the middle of the dirt road. And for a second I thought my mind was playing tricks on me when I looked on the road behind our car. But no. Soon I realized that I was looking straight in the eyes of a magnificent big cat. A spotted-phase Indochinese Leopard, Panthera pardus delacouri, looked at me and ...

Large Reticulated Python in Kaeng Krachan

Large Reticulated Python in situ

28 FEB 2015, Kaeng Krachan national park
It's been raining pythons, lately. We even managed to spot 3 large Reticulated Pythons in just 24 hours. While following a dry river bed during our herping trip in Kaeng Krachan national park we came across a 5 metre giant snake that was getting ready to shed its skin.

Finding pythons in daytime is not easy, but...

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