Pileated Gibbon in Khao Yai national park

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It’s getting cold in Khao Yai

25 DEC 2014, Khao Yai national park

On our last few Khao Yai national park tours the weather felt un-Thai. Especially the night drives were cold!

The thermometer at the visitor centre showed 16 degrees Celsius. That might not sound that cold to most Westerners, but when sitting in the trunk of a driving, open-air pick up truck you definitely need a warm sweater.

It will likely get colder later on in the winter. Last year, early morning temperatures dropped as low as 5 degrees C. The upside of it all are the sunny blue skies during daytime. Khao Yai national park sees hardly any rain during winter time.

Still, if we have to choose, we prefer the rainy season; the jungle looks amazing in the wet season. And the forest seems more alive than ever! More reptiles, amphibians, and insects around.

But I guess we have to wait till about May – June…

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