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New Year in Pangsida national park

Siamese Crocodile in Pangsida national park

30 DEC 2014, Pangsida national park
The week around New Year many Thais flock to the national parks for day visits, or often even overnight camping. It's the scenery and the cool winter weather that attracts them, usually more so than the wildlife.

Probably the most popular destination is Khao Yai national park, which gets so crowded in this time of year that we have decided not to offer tours in the week around New Year in Khao Yai. A shame really, because this year again we had to disappoint such a large number of foreign tourists wanting to do tours in Khao Yai national park. It made us think how to help these visitors in the future during the national holidays. Therefore, we decided to do another survey trip to Pangsida national park. This time in the last weekend of December and see how busy this park would get.

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