Guide Tan with a Sunda Pangolin encountered crossing the road on a Tontan Travel tour.

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About us - Tontan Travel Wildlife Tours

Place a nature photographer who is on his way to explore Thailand's jungles on a seat in a bus next to a travel-minded girl with a degree in tourism. And before you know it, new ideas are born (and sparks fly... ).

We are Ton & Tan, the founders of Tontan Travel. In Thai Ton means tree and Tan means sugar; the Tontan is a tall palm species (Borassus flabellifer) used to produce palm sugar and commonly seen in the rice fields in Thailand. Maybe it's just coincidence, maybe it's meant to be... but the name for our tour company was born.

Tontan palm trees, Borassus flabellifer
The Tontan palm trees, Borassus flabellifer
Tan - the owner of Tontan travel - guiding in Khao Yai national park
Tan the owner of Tontan Travel, guiding in the forest of Khao Yai national park.

After graduation, Tan worked for tour operators and several hotels & resorts, but always dreamed about starting her own business: a company running tours for the foreign visitors that come to her home country.

With the successful start of Tontan Travel, her dream came true. Besides managing the business, Tan is also one of our tour guides.

The enthusiasm for her home country's biodiversity & culture, combined with her interest in the culture of others, is written all over her face. She enjoys guiding and will definitely make sure that you will enjoy your time even more.

Tan speaks English and Thai, maybe she can even help you to learn more of the local language.

Ton is a nature photographer who has travelled around the globe in search for wildlife and scenic landscapes. His images have been published internationally on calendars, in magazines, in natural history books, scientific journals, and have been used as fine-art prints to decorate interiors.

Driven by his passion for nature, he has explored many of the national parks in Thailand and loves this amazing, divers country (and the lovely guide mentioned, above).

Over time, we've met local naturalists that share our passion for wildlife. We exchanged valuable knowledge and latest interesting wildlife sightings, and soon good friendships were born.

These local people that know the parks from inside out, now work with us as guides or drivers. They are the key to a successful visit to each nature park. Their keen eyes for spotting wildlife will make the difference.

You'll soon notice this turns out to be invaluable when you're wandering around in the dense jungle.

We praise ourselves lucky that all our guides are not only experienced wildlife spotters and skilled English speakers, but they are also service-minded and will go the extra mile to make your trip just like you want it to be!

We hope to see you in Thailand!

Ton & Tan

Tontan Travel Wildlife Tours