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Night walk in Bangkok

Tour description in short

Location of Bangkok on the map of Thailand

Our night walk in Bangkok is as the name suggests, a walk in a green part of the city whilst searching the critters, especially reptiles, that thrive here.

With flashlights we scan the bushes, trees, water puddles, etc. to try and spot the nocturnal wildlife that still survives in this concrete jungle.

Why our night walks?

The mega city Bangkok is not only home to a lot of people. There is a whole natural ecosystem that has found a way to coexist and even thrive in harmony with the huge human population. And no, it is not just rats and cockroaches. There are all sorts of cool critters calling this city their home. Especially the amazing reptiles are well represented.

This night herping tour is great for anyone with interest in the natural world, as well as experienced herpers with specific snake or other herpetofauna targets.

Have you seen enough temples, shopping centres, and bars? And you want to have a cool story to tell on the next boring birthday party? This is the trip for you!

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Our tours in Bangkok

Location of Bangkok on the map of Thailand

Bangkok, the world-renowned capital of Thailand with over 10 million people. And still, there is some unexpected wildlife calling this mega city home. On our tours in Bangkok you will discover the natural world that thrives where you'd least expect it. Join us on a natural city adventure.

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Where there are rats and pets, Reticulated Pythons thrive.
Where there are rats and pets, Reticulated Pythons thrive. The longest snake species in the world seems to feel at home in Bangkok's concrete jungle.

Why Bangkok as a tour destination?

If going to Thailand you are quite likely to spend some nights in Bangkok at the start and end of your trip. And if you'd like to have a cooler story to tell back home than the standard temple, palace, shopping, and partying-story, then this is something for you ;)

Under the expert guidance of our tour guides you will be able to see a side of Bangkok that you probably would not have thought existed. It might not be the most pristine nature experience, but there is actually a surprisingly high chance to see lots of cool critters in this mega city.

Just book, we guarantee you it will be fun!

What are the available tour activities in Bangkok?

Cox's Water Snake  in Bangkok
The waterways in Bangkok provide a home to many species of animals like the Cox's Water Snake (Homalopsis mereljcoxi).

Night walking in search for cool critters will be the primary tour activity. Snakes will be the main target on these trips. If you are not into snakes, don't worry. By the end of the trip, you will be!

There are also other reptiles and amphibians to be seen, sometimes birds, other small mammals, we've even seen flying foxes on previous trips.

Where are the tours taking place?

We have a couple itineraries throughout the Bangkok area. Some are closer to the main tourist areas than others. We can discuss the options depending on where you are staying and what time you wish to be back at your hotel.

The areas we visit, even though all in urban areas, vary on the 'wildness' scale in terms of the habitat. But critters are everywhere!

Bangkok's nature is not the most pristine, but the wildlife doesn't care too much about some garbage
Bangkok's nature is not the most pristine, but the wildlife doesn't care too much about some garbage.

When is the best time for tours in Bangkok?

Up close with a Large-eyed Pit Viper (Trimeresurus macrops)
Up close with a Large-eyed Pit Viper (Trimeresurus macrops).

These tours are available year-round, depending on guide availability. Success rates have been pretty consistent regardless of the season.

Our team of guides in Bangkok is very small. Therefore, it's recommended to book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointments.

One of the world's weirdest snakes, the Tentacled Snake, lives in the dirtiest waterways in Bangkok
One of the world's weirdest snakes lives in the dirtiest waterways in Bangkok. This is the Tentacled Snake (Erpeton tentaculatum).

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