Elephant herd out on the road on a night safari in Khao Yai

Day tour + night safari in Khao Yai

1-day wildlife tour + night safari in Khao Yai national park

Tour description in short

Location of Khao Yai national park on the map of Thailand

We offer two different day trips in Khao Yai. This is the 1-day tour with night safari, and the other day trip excludes the night safari and dinner.

On this tour you will go wildlife watching both during the day, and at night. The night safari consists of a drive with a spotlight to search for nocturnal animals, but during the day we will head out both on foot as well as by car, and stop at some scenic sites along the way.

Why our 1-day tour with night safari?

Even though we recommend our multiday tours over our day trips, this particular tour is the most you can get out of a day visit. Besides the diurnal species, the night safari increases the chance to encounter some nocturnal wildlife. Interesting and great fun!

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Tour package summary


  • Wildlife watching
  • Safari drive(s)
  • Jungle walk(s)
  • Night safari drive(s)
  • Waterfall(s)
  • Viewpoint(s)

Tour details

  • 1-day tour
  • Private tour
  • 1900 - 6400 Baht (per person)
  • Difficulty level: Moderate

What's included?

  • Entrance fees
  • English speaking guide
  • Transport during tour
  • Lunch & dinner
  • Drinking water
  • Leech protection socks
Check out our video to get an idea about our tour activities in Khao Yai national park.
Grey-bellied squirrel
Grey-bellied squirrel.

Tour itinerary

Here follows the itinerary of our 1-day tour with night safari in .
Note: Often enough, our itineraries get turned upside down. It is impossible to plan in nature; the wildlife does not follow timetables, therefore the following itinerary is just a rough example.

Day 1 (08:00 to ±20:30)

This day trip starts with a morning drive into the park. At the first viewpoint we will look around for macaques, hornbills and enjoy a bit of the view in the meanwhile. We continue the drive further into the park. Sometimes we might hear gibbon calls close to the road and try to track them down on foot. Or other wildlife might appear from the forest along the road.

A blond White-handed Gibbon in the tree tops
A blond White-handed Gibbon in the tree tops.
A pair of Red Muntjacs on the forest edge in Khao Yai.
A pair of Red Muntjacs on the forest edge in Khao Yai.

After the safari drive, we will go for a walk through the evergreen forest. You will see big trees, and we will look for animals, big or small, as we venture through the forest. Spotting animals on foot can be quite challenging. On average we tend to see more large animals by car than on foot. But especially for seeing the smaller creatures of the jungle, walking is the best way to go.

Next, we will lunch in one of the park restaurants, before we venture further into the park. The next stop will be one of the major waterfalls in the park. But do not let your guard down when enjoying the beautiful scenery, because also around the waterfalls there is an equal chance to see wildlife.

In the late afternoon we typically focus on the search of elephants. Even though they are not rare in Khao Yai, they do not reveal themselves every day. We try to cover some distance to increase our chance, and drive past grass plains and mineral licks. Of course besides elephants there is always the chance to see something else.

Buffy Fish Owl perching in Khao Yai
Buffy Fish Owl perching on a branch near a pond in Khao Yai.
Indochinese Water Dragon
The large Indochinese Water Dragon occurs along the rivers.

After dinner, it is time set out for the night safari. Due to park regulations, we get a vehicle with national park staff assigned to drive you around. With a spotlight we try to spot nocturnal wildlife. Usually to finish the night safari route takes about 45 - 60 minutes. After which we will drive you out of the park and drop you off at your hotel.

Even though it would be a very long day, it is possible to book a roundtrip transfer with us from Bangkok and back after the night safari. Contact us for more information.

Siamese Fireback male in Khao Yai
Siamese Fireback male posing in Khao Yai national park.

Extra information about the national park

In situ female Vogel's Pit Viper
A female Vogel's Pit Viper in ambush on a palm leaf. These stunning snakes are seen on most of our tours.

Khao Yai national park lies at just 2.5 - 3 hours northeast of Bangkok and is easily accessible.

Our tours start from Pak Chong, a town to the north of the park. And we are able to organize transfers from Bangkok, and other places.

The park is open all year round, and our tours can take off every day of the year. But booking in advance is recommended!

For information on the best time of the year to visit the park, and for more of our tours in Khao Yai, click here.

How much does a tour cost?

These are the rates (per person) for our 1-day with night safari tour package based on your group size. Followed by a list of what is included. And feel free to check out our other packages in Khao Yai, below.

Note: This tour can not be divided over two days (e.g., night safari in the evening of day one, and the daytime program on a second day). Also, we do not offer the night drive as a stand-alone package without the daytime itinerary.

Group size: Rate per person:
1 Person 6400 Baht
2 People 3500 Baht
3 People 2900 Baht
4 People 2600 Baht
5 People 2300 Baht
6 People 2100 Baht
7 People 2000 Baht
8 People 1900 Baht
Age: Reduction:
4 to 12 years -200 Baht
0 to 3 years free

What's included?

  • Entrance fees
  • English speaking guide
  • Transport during tour
  • Lunch & dinner
  • Drinking water
  • Leech protection socks

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Reviews of the 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

Our guests have rated us 4.9 out of 5 stars (15 reviews)!

  • 15.

    Name: , United Kingdom

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 10 Nov 2023


    Our tour guide, Run, picked us up at our hotel. When we arrived at Khao Yai he explained how everything would work. He took extra care pointing out wildlife that we would never have seen, including a green viper hidden in a bush. He went that extra mile twice taking us to places where elephants had just been spotted which meant we got to see a wild herd roaming the pasture plus we also saw a bull elephant come out of one side of the bush and walk down the road looking for a way into the other side of the bush. He was a very attentive and knowledgeable guide

    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Thank you for your kind review. We are glad to hear you had a great day.

  • 14.

    Name: , Nederland

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 27 Dec 2022


    Wat een fantastische ervaring hebben wij gehad! Onze gids mr. Apple heeft ons niet alleen verrast met zijn kennis van alle wilde dieren, maar ons ook enorm laten lachen met zijn heerlijke humor. We hadden geluk die dag met het zien van neushoornvogels, verschillende gibbons, een wilde olifant, een slang, stekelvarkens en ga zo maar door. De nachtsafari was leuk, maar overdag vonden wij persoonlijk het leukst. Vooraf was ik sceptisch over het huren van een gids, maar zonder gids hadden wij absoluut geen dieren gezien. Een dikke aanrader voor degene die naar Khao Yai park wil. Groeten, Erik & Laura

  • 13.

    Name: , United States

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 17 Nov 2022


    My husband and I came here as part of our honeymoon, and we are so happy we did. Our guide Beer made our experience incredible. He's been doing this for 17 years, and you can definitely tell by the knowledge and skill he exhibited on our trip, not to mention he's pretty funny and his English was also very good. We felt super lucky to have him. We *almost* saw an elephant (Beer spotted it but it turned and went a different direction before we were able to see,) but we saw gibbons, great hornbill, golden jackal, sambar deer, barking deer, porcupines, scorpions, a pit viper, a cobra, and of course plenty of macaques monkeys. We also learned about a lot of the plants/trees in the forest. We were surprised that the food provided was great, too! We would definitely come back for another tour!

    Great hornbill in a blue sky
    Group photo with guide Beer and driver Gogh
    Female Vogel's Pit Viper
    Reticulated python crossing the road
    White-handed gibbon photographed through the telescope
    A friendly Giant forest scorpion
  • 12.

    Name: , United States

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 13 Apr 2022


    What a magical day in Khao Yai with our excellent guide, Tata, and driver, Lek. We not only saw wonderful wildlife, but also learned about the plants and culture of the area. Thanks for making our time in Thailand extra special!

  • 11.

    Name: , France

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 14 Nov 2019


    A small message to tell you that we spent a day really extraordinary yesterday thanks to you and our guide.
    A big thank you for all these wonderful memories engraved in our memory.

    Maybe see you again ??

    Marine and family

  • 10.

    Name: , Italy

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 31 Jul 2019


    We booked a 1-day trip in Khao Yai with the tour agency “Tontan travel”. The tour was a well organized and low-gear walk into the forest, for which only long trousers and hiking shoes are necessary. We booked a private tour and actually it was the case: the guide came to pick us up at our place in Pak Chong, the city nearby, and stayed with us until the end. All the guides of the other tours were paying attention not to tour on the same path as ours, so not to create big groups and scare animals. We had a lot of luck and we were able to spot from the very beginning of the tour a king cobra (2 meters long), some hornbills, gibbons, a horned lizard and a white snake. This was actually because of our guide, Mr. Apple, who was really prepared and brought us in the right spots at the right time. He also provided water, snacks, anti-leech socks and binoculars. He has also been very smart in suggesting to change our plan: because of the heavy rain we swapped the night safari with the bats cave, an impressive spectacle totally worth the visit! He also took care of our meals, bringing us to have dinner at the night market in Pak Chong.
    We really advise you to ask Tontan travel for Mr.Apple as your guide!

  • 9.

    Name: , Germany

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 18 Jul 2018


    Had an absolutely wonderful day at Khao Yai (plus night Safari) with TonTan travel! Our guide Wan was amazing, knowledgeable, funny, skillful and really loved what she was doing with all her heart!

    We saw elephants, wild dogs, porcupine, jackal, Civet, sambars, barking deer, macaques and Gibbons! So much luck, some of these animals are so rare, that even Wan had only twice or as in case of the jackal never seen them before!
    Experienced the jungle better than ever to be expected!

    Thank you sooo much for this unforgettable day!

    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Thank you for your kind review.
    That's a lot of species for just one day!
    And some rare ones like the Asian Wild Dogs, and the Golden Jackal. The latter being indeed a rare sight in Khao Yai!

    Thank you for booking with us!

  • 8.

    Name: , Canada

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 31 Aug 2016


    Hi Tontan Travel,

    It was a great day, I had a blast seeing so many wild animals. Tata was an awesome guide, I learnt quite a lot about some animal behaviors from him. :)

    The only downside of the trip was the unpredicted weather. It was pouring toward the end.


    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Hi Jenniffer,

    Great to hear you had a nice trip. I heard from our guide that you even were extremely fortunate to see an Asian Black Bear, that's great!

    Hopefully you get better weather on the rest of your holiday ;)

    Thanks for your feedback, and hopefully we will see you again someday.

  • 7.

    Name: , Netherlands

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 17 Aug 2016


    Beste Ton & Tan,

    De tour van vandaag was helemaal perfect. Beer was een super gids, de communicatie met Tontan Travel iedere keer uitstekend verlopen. Kortom aanrader voor iedereen.

    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Hartelijk dank. Blij te horen dat jullie een leuke dag hebben gehad!

    Groetjes en misschien tot ziens ;-)

  • 6.

    Name: , Germany

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 24 May 2016


    Hey Tontan Travel,

    thanks for making the trip possible! It was one of the best tours we've ever had, if not the best! Jay and Bo we're really great and the park just leaves one speechless!
    Thank you for everything!

    Best regards,

    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Thanks Heinz!

    We're happy to hear you've enjoyed your trip.

    Enjoy your further travels in Thailand.

    Kind regards,
    Ton & Tan
    Tontan travel

  • 5.

    Name: , Nederland

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 09 Mar 2015


    9-3-2015 Jungletocht gedaan met gids Tata.

    Zeer enthousiast en bedreven man. Onbeschrijfelijk dat hij ons op zoveel dieren en planten wees en daar het verhaal bij kon vertellen. Wij hadden maar de helft gezien zonder hem.
    Hij vertelde ook over bomen en planten en liet ons een bloem eten, hout dat naar anijs rook ruiken. Het was duidelijk te horen dat hij gepassioneerd was door de natuur.

    We voelde zich op ons gemak bij hem en hebben erg genoten van de dag met Tata.

    Nog bedankt voor het maken van de mooie foto's met onze camera. Een blijvende mooie herinnering.
    We kunnen het iedereen aanraden.

    Tata, hartelijk dank voor deze mooie dag die ons bij blijft.

    Greater Flameback
    Long-tailed Broadbill

    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Beste John,

    Bedankt dat je de tijd hebt genomen om een mooie review te schrijven over jullie dagtour in Khao Yai. Het is voor ons ook iedere keer weer fijn te horen dat de gasten zich goed hebben vermaakt met onze gidsen. We twijfelen overigens geen moment over Tata's kwaliteiten en kunnen ons daarom altijd geruststellen als we de gasten aan hem overdragen.
    Bedankt voro de reactie en ook voor de bijgevoegde foto's. Zeker de kleurrijke papegaaibreedbek (Long-tailed Broadbill) is een erg mooie foto, met zijn staartveren mooi uitgespreid!


  • 4.

    Name: , Nederland

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 01 Aug 2013


    Beste Ton en Tan,
    Nog steeds genieten wij na van die fantastische dag met jullie en onze 2 meiden.
    Wat hebben we genoten. het was absoluut een hoogtepunt van onze vakantie!
    Zo veel gezien, waarbij juist alle kleine details die jullie weten en ons lieten zien zo geweldig waren, met de olifanten onder de houten uitkijkplaats waren natuurlijk ook fantastisch.

    We zullen jullie niet vergeten en zeker aanraden indien bekenden van ons jullie richting op gaan. Overigens zou het heel leuk zijn indien jullie een keertje bij gelegenheid wat foto's van die dag willen mailen,

    veel liefs en hartelijke groeten,
    Franklin & Jet Kooy (+ natuurlijk Malu en Donna)

    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Hoi Franklin, Jet, Malu & Donna,

    Leuk dat we een berichtje van jullie hebben mogen ontvangen. Het was een bijzondere dag die we met jullie beleefd hebben. Om zo dichtbij - maar veilig van bovenaf vanuit de uitkijktoren - op de olifantenmoeder met zoontje te mogen kijken, is iets wat weinig mensen mee zullen maken in het wild.
    We hebben meteen wat foto's doorgestuurd, en onze excuses voor het lange wachten.

    Altijd leuk om te horen dat Khao Yai het hoogtepunt van de vakantie was, het maakt het telkens toch weer onbegrijpelijk dat er maar een relatief klein aantal van de toeristen die naar Thailand komen de natuur ingaan, maar misschien maar goed ook. Blijft ons geheim, nou ja geheim... het staat wel op het geheel openbare wereldwijde web... ;)

    De groetjes aan iedereen daar in het nu kille Nederland!
    Tan & Ton

  • 3.

    Name: , United Kingdom

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 20 May 2013


    Great tour in Khao Yai National Park with guide J. Visited in 2013 and had one of the most memorable days ever! Thanks!
    J was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful and made the tour feel very personal, being in the outdoors, learning about the strangling fig trees, seeing the wildlife, from the gibbons, to the elephants, even the beetles!
    The experience was fantastic, would highly recommend and definitely hope to return for further tours!


    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Hi Hana & Claire,

    Receiving a guestbook entry in 2015 for a tour joined in 2013 is special! And we take it as a compliment ;)
    If even after almost 2 years you still remember that day with our guide in Khao Yai national park, we believe it must have been a great day.

    Thank you for your contribution to our guestbook. We will pass your comments to Jay. And if you ever decide to visit Thailand again, you are always welcome to join a tour in one of Thailand's beautiful national park ;)

    Kind regards, Tony & Tan

  • 2.

    Name: , United States

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 21 Mar 2013


    I really enjoyed the all day tour and night safari during my trip to Thailand at the end of March. We saw more wildlife than I expected to see. Your knowledge of the different species and passion for wildlife is remarkable. The trek through the jungle was quite worthwhile, as we saw many creatures we would not have seen otherwise.

    The only disappointment was not seeing elephants, although I understand sometimes that’s the case. I’ll always remember spotting the Gibbons, Great Hornbill, Giant Squirrel, Monitor Lizards, Water Dragon, Crocodile, Pit Vipers, Sambar, and several other species. I’ll try to think of you if I’m ever in Thailand again.

    White-Handed Gibbon
    Green Pit Viper

    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Hi Jay,

    Thanks for your addition to our online guest book.
    Too bad the elephants did not show up, but indeed sometimes (or should I say, most of the time) that is the case. With 2168km2 of jungle there are lots of places for them to go, so luck is an important factor.
    But luckily many other animals made their appearance.

    Thank you for joining us, and at least now you have a good reason to come back ;) : To find you some Asian pachyderms!

    All the best!

  • 1.

    Name: , Thailand

    Tour: 1-day tour with night safari in Khao Yai

    Tour date: 28 Oct 2012


    We did the Khao Yai All-Day and Night Safari tour with this tour company in October. I wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful experience!

    We loved our trek through the jungle as we spotted some amazing animals and beautiful wildlife. Our tour guide took great care to make sure we got the most out of our experience.
    We saw great horn-bills, lizards, a porcupine, and even some wild elephants!

    Our group couldn’t have been more pleased and we have plenty of pictures to prove it.
    I am so thankful that I found your website and I will definitely recommend you.

    I appreciate your prompt and helpful response to inquiries, your diligence in finding us a guide in short notice, and your dedication to helping us have a memorable experience.

    Many Happy Trails!

    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for the guest book entry. I guess the fact that you post this message nearly six months after you've done the tour in Khao Yai, proves that you enjoyed the day and apparently have good memories about it.
    We're glad to hear you had a great day with some great sightings. We'll pass your comment to our guide.

    Hopefully all is well with you all, teaching in Thailand. And if you ever feel like you need a breath of fresh jungle air, you know where to find us ;).

    Best wishes,

    Tony & Tan

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