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Elephant safari in Kui Buri national park

Tour description in short

Location of Kui Buri national park on the map of Thailand

Our afternoon elephant safari in Kui Buri national park consists of a safari drive with a couple stops at locations with views over open grasslands where we try to spot elephants and other wildlife.

Why our elephant safari?

There is no better place in Thailand than Kui Buri national park to see Asian Elephants in the wild. The elephants often forage in the open areas in the afternoon.

Besides elephants, you have a reasonable chance to see the world's largest wild cattle species, the Gaur. These impressive bovines occur in good numbers in the park.

In our video you will see what this tour is all about. A great outing for young and old!

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Our tours in Kui Buri national park

Location of Kui Buri national park on the map of Thailand

Kui Buri national park is THE best park in Thailand to see wild elephants. Our tours in Kui Buri have a very high success rate with elephant sightings, and with luck you might see some other wildlife like e.g., Gaur, Oriental Pied Hornbills, and more.

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Why Kui Buri national park as a tour destination?

Our enthusiastic tour guides will do their very best to show you wild elephants and other wildlife on our tours in Kui Buri national park. There is no better place in Thailand to see elephants in the wild. The Gaur is another iconic species that is seen quite often on our trips, though not as commonly as the elephants. The area is easily accessible and if you would love to see Thailand's iconic species, Kui Buri is the place to go!

What are the available tour activities in Kui Buri?

A herd of elephants in Kui Buri
With some luck you might see a herd of elephants on our safari.

Wildlife watching is the common theme on our Kui Buri tours. The elephant safari consists of wildlife watching from the car, and a couple stops at lookouts where we wait for animals to show up.

Where is the national park located?

Elephant watching in Kui Buri
Elephant watching is the primary activity on our tours in Kui Buri.

Kui Buri national park lies about 4 hours southwest of Bangkok. There is no public transport to the park beyond Kui Buri town, which lies half an hour east from the park. Therefore you will have to travel with your own vehicle or a taxi to the park. We can help you with that. Most of our guests join the tour whilst staying in Hua Hin or Sam Roi Yot which are respectively about 1:30 hrs and 1:00 hr from the park.

The road in the park is a bumpy dirt/ gravel road with a couple river crossings which are dry for much of the year.

The elephant watching area of Kui Buri consists primarily of regenerating forest. Many years ago the area was used for farming, but due to the many human-elephant-conflicts, the late king Bhumibol encouraged the locals to return the land to nature. This regenerating area is the perfect habitat for the large grazers like elephants and gaur.

Herd of Gaur in Kui Buri national park
With some luck you might see Gaur, a large wild cattle species, on our elephant safari. This small herd of Gaur with a big bull and a number of calves were seen foraging on the forest edge in Kui Buri.

When is the best time for tours in Kui Buri?

Bull elephant with tusks in Kui Buri national park
A big bull elephant with tusks accompanied by Cattle Egrets.

Our tours can take off every day of the year as long as our guide is available.

Our team of guides in Kui Buri is very small. It is therefore recommended to book as far in advance as possible to avoid missing out.

In the hot dry season which might start as early as February and possibly lasts till May, we notice the elephants often appear later on the day. Be aware that there are no guarantees in the wild. In 2023-2024 we've recorded the results in terms of elephant and gaur sightings of all our Kui Buri tours over the course of a year. 97% of all the tours that we organized during that year were successful in seeing one or more elephants, and 88% were successful in seeing Gaur.

Some years, during the wet season months, it does happen that due to heavy rainfall the streams get too deep for the vehicles to cross. Typically, the park authorities will close off the park until the water level has gone back to normal. In such unfortunate cases, we will discuss with you if you prefer to reschedule your tour, or get a refund.

How much does a tour cost?

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