Elephant in Kui Buri national park

Elephant safari in Kui Buri

Elephant safari in Kui Buri national park

Tour description in short

Location of Kui Buri national park on the map of Thailand

Our afternoon elephant safari in Kui Buri national park consists of a safari drive with a couple stops at locations with views over open grasslands where we try to spot elephants and other wildlife.

Why our elephant safari?

There is no better place in Thailand than Kui Buri national park to see Asian Elephants in the wild. The elephants often forage in the open areas in the afternoon.

Besides elephants, you have a reasonable chance to see the world's largest wild cattle species, the Gaur. These impressive bovines occur in good numbers in the park.

In our video you will see what this tour is all about. A great outing for young and old!

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Tour package summary


  • Wildlife watching
  • Safari drive(s)
  • Viewpoint(s)
  • Elephant watching

Tour details

  • 0.5-day tour
  • Private tour
  • 1150 - 3500 Baht (per person)
  • Difficulty level: Easy

What's included?

  • Entrance fees
  • English speaking guide
  • Transport during tour
  • No meals included
  • Drinking water
Check out our video to get an idea about our tours in Kui Buri national park.

Tour itinerary

Here follows the itinerary of our our elephant watching tour in Kui Buri national park.

Day 1 (14:30 to ±17:30 - 18:00)
Photographing a herd of elephants
Our tour guests photographing a herd of elephants.

After registration, you will go together with our guide to the vehicle with driver and assistant that the park authorities have assigned. With the safari vehicle we enter the park and slowly follow the dirt road in search for wildlife. Even though the main focus will be on spotting the large herbivores, we do keep our eyes open for any other wildlife and birdlife inhabiting the area.

When we reach the first lookout we leave the vehicle and walk to the viewing area and scan the plains and forest edge to see if we can get a glimpse of the elephants or other animals. The guide will explain you more about the history of the park and about the local wildlife.

Up close with a gaur along the road in Kui Buri
Up close with a gaur along the road in Kui Buri.
On safari, driving the dirt road through elephant and gaur habitat.
On safari, driving the dirt road through elephant and gaur habitat.

After this, we continue the slow drive deeper into the reserve till we reach the main gaur viewing area, at the end of the road. Here we will again get out of the vehicle and hope to see these massive bovines, but also elephants, and possibly even Banteng.

After enjoying the views and hopefully the animals, we start our return drive back to the starting point. It's not uncommon that we encounter 'roadblocks' by elephants.

This safari does not include any hiking. We make use of open-air pick-up trucks which provide the best view whenever we encounter wildlife. However, it offers little protection against the elements, so come prepared.

The vehicles are driven by local farmers from the surrounding area of the park. This way they indirectly benefit from the presence of the wildlife; no wildlife, no tourists. That increases their commitment in protecting the park and the animals, even if it might mean elephants raid their crops occasionally.

Extra information about the national park

Kui Buri national park lies about 4 hours southwest of Bangkok. There is no public transport to the park beyond Kui Buri town, which lies half an hour east from the park. Therefore, you will have to travel to the park with your own vehicle or a taxi. We are able to organize transfers. Most of our guests join the tour whilst staying in Hua Hin or Sam Roi Yot which are respectively about 1:30 hrs and 1:00 hr from the park.

Our tours can take off every day of the year as long as our guide is available. In the winter months, around November - February it gets dark earlier. The park authorities prefer that we leave the park around 17:30 in that time of year.

Egrets like to follow elephants
Egrets often follow elephants in search for insects and frogs that jump away when the big mammals move around.

Our team of guides in Kui Buri is very small. It is therefore recommended to book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointments.

For information on the best time of the year to visit the park, and for more of our tours in Kui Buri, click here.
Be aware that there are no guarantees in the wild. In 2023-2024 we've recorded the results in terms of elephant and gaur sightings of all our Kui Buri tours over the course of a year. 97% of all the tours that we organized during that year were successful in seeing one or more elephants, and 88% were successful in seeing Gaur.

How much does a tour cost?

These are the rates (per person) for our half-day elephant safari package in Kui Buri based on your group size. Followed by a list of what is included. Beware, that transport to the park is not included, but we can organize transfers from places like Hua Hin, Sam Roi Yot, and Bangkok.

Group size: Rate per person:
1 Person 3500 Baht
2 People 2000 Baht
3 People 1600 Baht
4 People 1300 Baht
5 People 1200 Baht
6 People 1150 Baht
Age: Reduction:
4 to 12 years -100 Baht
0 to 3 years free

What's included?

  • Entrance fees
  • English speaking guide
  • Transport during tour
  • No meals included
  • Drinking water

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Reviews of the Elephant safari in Kui Buri

Our guests have rated us 4.8 out of 5 stars (8 reviews)!

  • 8.

    Name: , Singapore

    Tour: Elephant safari in Kui Buri

    Tour date: 21 Feb 2020


    Dear Tontan Travel,

    I wrote to thank you for the amazing trip. I am impressed with my guide Som, she is very well spoken and knowledgeable in wildlife.
    I also want to thank New who is also helping us to spot wildlife.

    We managed to see over 20 elephants on my trip and I have left a good google review for your company.

    I will recommend your company to my friends and I will certainly engage your
    service again when I visit Thailand next year.

    thank you and regards

  • 7.

    Name: , France

    Tour: Elephant safari in Kui Buri

    Tour date: 14 Jul 2018



    I just wanted to thank you so much, as well as Bill for an amazing time in his resort. Bill took very good care of us today! We had a fantastic stay and we also had the chance to see 23 elephants!
    Thanks again


    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Thanks Claire for your feedback. And glad to hear you had a great time.

    Best wishes!

  • 6.

    Name: , Denmark

    Tour: Elephant safari in Kui Buri

    Tour date: 15 Feb 2018


    Dear Ton

    We were 4 people having a very nice Tour to Kui Buri 15/02/2018. We had a very dedicated guide and an exellent driver and spotter. We had the luck to see 4 Elephants and a glimpse of 3 Gaurs.

    However we found it annoying to have to pay for 2 transfers to the park. The first transfer was on a day with 58 mm rain and thunderstorms. We found it very risky to enter the park sitting in an open vehicle, so we returned. Afterwards you informed us, that the park was closed for several days after due to flood which had damaged the road. So I think we took the descision, which should have been taken by you. It would have been good service if we had been told of the weather conditions before we were picked up by Tontan Travels. We wasted money and time. That's bad for the nature.

    Consider it as positive remarks to improve the adventure.


    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Thank you for your review. Glad to hear the tour was nice.
    As we are not living in Kui Buri area, we had no notion of the upcoming bad weather - very unusual for the time of year - before you were picked up in Hua Hin. Normally, just rain is no reason for us to cancel a tour, but clearly the conditions were very unusual. I wished we had know this in advance, but sadly we didn't. It's the first time ever for us that a tour was cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.

    However, I am sorry that we could not carry the costs for the transfer that you had that day. We have carried the cost to pay for the guide who ended up with no work that day, but obviously could not be sent home without payment either.

    We will do the best we can in the future to foresee such bad weather conditions, but I am afraid - as these conditions are very localized - that it remains a complicated situation that we might not be able to avoid.

  • 5.

    Name: , France

    Tour: Elephant safari in Kui Buri

    Tour date: 30 Mar 2017


    Thank you for organising me the safari at Kui Buri National Park and the transfer from the hotel. This was a fantastic experience : I've seen elephants very closely, gaurs, birds... I would like to thank Som, the guide, and Thanasit, the driver, who spotted the hidden animals in an incredible way!

    Kui Buri National Park, 30/03/2017
    To the left, Som, the guide
    a gaur

    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Thank you Chantal for the kind words. Glad to hear your trip was successful.
    You are always welcome to return and visit some of the other parks.

  • 4.

    Name: , Czech Republic

    Tour: Elephant safari in Kui Buri

    Tour date: 26 Jan 2017


    Dear Tontan travel - thank you very much for all - our tour is already finish - it was fantastic, all guides were great, especially Som, knowledgeable, experienced and helpful. We saw so many elephants!!!
    Thank you very much!

    Jiri and Dana and Anna and Brett

    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Dear Jiri,

    Thank you for your kind words. Glad to hear you have enjoyed your trip and seen many elephants.

    If you ever return to Thailand, you are welcome to contact us again and perhaps visit one of the other parks in the country.

    Best wishes,
    Ton & Tan
    Tontan Travel

  • 3.

    Name: , Denmark

    Tour: Elephant safari in Kui Buri

    Tour date: 28 Nov 2016


    Dear Ton & Tan,

    A short feedback from our Elephant Trip the 28. of November:
    We were VERY satisfied about the Tour.
    The Guides were VERY good to spot and find Wildlife.
    The guides were also very nice, funny and service minded.
    We will strongly recommend your trips to Kuri Buri to others.

    Many regards
    Ulla, Per, Sanne & Michael

    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Thanks for your kind feedback on the tour we organized for you in Kui Buri national park.
    Great to hear you had a great day.

    Thank you for booking with us!

  • 2.

    Name: , Sweden

    Tour: Elephant safari in Kui Buri

    Tour date: 26 Jul 2016


    Hi Ton & Tan,

    We just came back from our trip in Kui Buri.
    We have had a wonderful day and seen quite a few elefants. Both the guides and the driver were very good.


    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Thanks Anders!
    Glad to hear you had a good trip
    Thank you for booking a Tontan Travel tour!

  • 1.

    Name: , Thailand

    Tour: Elephant safari in Kui Buri

    Tour date: 06 Jul 2016


    Kui Buri Elephant Safari! What a fantastic afternoon in Kui Buri and a special thanks to Khun Bill and Khun Som who were our guides for the afternoon.

    Seeing elephants, Gaur, wild boar, hornbills and Baya Weaver birds - all in one afternoon - WOW! Learning about the great conservation work that locals in partnership with Government and NGO's are achieving is fantastic - and all under the patronage of this Royal Project! Awesome!

    Our safari group

    Tontan Travel wrote:

    Thank you for your feedback. Great to hear you have enjoyed your trip in Kui Buri.
    You're always welcome to visit one of the other national parks in Thailand.

    Best wishes,
    Ton & Tan

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