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Tailor-made herping tours around Thailand

Tour description in short

Our tailor-made herping tours around Thailand have open itineraries. Our expert herping guides will take you on an adventure to search for your target species. Or simply try to find as much diversity of species as possible in the time frame you have.

We will get around by car to travel from destination to destination, as well as from habitat to habitat. And we will primarily set out on foot to search for reptiles and amphibians. Both during the day and at night.

Why our tailor-made herping tours?

Our flexibility will allow to maximize your chances within the time frame you have. On a day-to-day basis we will look at the conditions, and the success we did or did not have in finding the species you would hope to see. From there, we discuss if we wish to stay in the area where we are, or go herping in new terrain with new possibilities. This way of operating has resulted in many successful herping tours we have done over the years.

Thailand has so much to offer with its great diversity of herpetofauna, you do not want to miss this. And we will go the extra mile to get the most out of your trip.

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Our tours around Thailand

Thailand has a lot to offer when it comes to nature. And to get the most out of it, visiting various regions throughout the country will significantly increase the chance to see a wide variety of wildlife. This page lists our tours around the country on which we visit multiple destinations. Generally, the trips listed here have a specific focus on a certain group of animals. For example, tours focused specifically on reptiles & amphibians.

We have not listed all possible tours around the country that we are able to arrange. We can organize tailor-made trips around Thailand with focus on all kinds of specific target species. If you do not see what you are after, feel free to contact us to find out what we can arrange for you.

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Rhinoceros hornbill in flight
Rhinoceros hornbill in flight, in Halabala wildlife sanctuary.

Why Thailand as a tour destination?

Smith's Spadefoot Toad (Leptobrachium smithi) in Kaeng Krachan
Smith's Spadefoot Toad, Leptobrachium smithi in Kaeng Krachan national park

Thailand has over 100 national parks, plenty of wildlife sanctuaries, and other kinds of nature reserves. And the biodiversity is particularly high here because several biogeographical zones meet in Thailand.

Our expert guides will help you discover this amazing diversity of wildlife around the country. Thailand is home to well over 1000 species of birds, more than 230 species of snakes, 280+ mammals, and more. But to see a decent number of species, a tour around the country of a significant duration is the best option. We will list such tours on this page.

What are the available tour activities in Thailand?

The actual tour activities depend on the target species, and the possibilities at the destinations that we visit. In a broader sense, we are able to offer for example tailor-made herping tours to any corner of the country with a specific focus on snakes, frogs etcetera. The same is available for e.g., mammaling, or birding.

Wildlife watching in Thailand
We encountered this rare Dhole feeding on a Sambar deer carcass on one of our wildlife tours in Khao Yai national park. The pack had killed the Sambar on the night before.

Where are the tours taking place?

Indochinese Grey Langur in Phu Khieo
Indochinese Grey Langur, Trachypithecus crepusculus in Phu Khieo wildlife sanctuary

Some of our tours might have a fixed itinerary with multiple destinations throughout the country. But we also do tours with an open itinerary. In such a case, we will of course discuss in advance where to meet, and usually decide where to finish the tour. Perhaps we even make a rough itinerary based on your preferences in advance. But once on the road we can adjust it depending on e.g., if we have succeeded to find a specific target species or not, or based on local weather conditions, and so on. Especially on herping tours that tends to be our preferred way of operating.

We understand this asks some more trust of you as a guest when you kind of go into an adventure without knowing what is going to happen. But do not worry! We will at all times make choices which we believe will be the best for your particular interests. And of course this will always be discussed with you.

Our guides have experience in all corners of the country. From the deep south on the border with Malaysia, to the far north of Thailand.

When is the best time for tours around Thailand?

These tours are available year-round. What the best time is depends very much on your preferences, and specific target species. The tour packages will explain a bit more about the best possible times for the specific focus of that trip.

Our team of guides quite small though. It is therefore recommended to book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointments, especially for the longer tours around the country.

Equatorial Spitting Cobra (Naja sumatrana) golden morph from Trang
Equatorial Spitting Cobra, Naja sumatrana golden morph from Trang

How much does a tour cost?

The rates can be found on the tour package webpages. All the tours around Thailand can be found at the top of this page. The button below will take you there.

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